Dental services

Dental services

Dental services - if you cannot access your dentist, call 111 who will direct you to an emergency dental service. 

Dental Care Information for Patients


Important Notice Regarding Dental Issues

At the practice, we are committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services to our patients. However, it's important for our patients to understand that General Practitioners (GPs) are not qualified or equipped to manage dental problems. Dental health requires specialised care that falls outside the scope of services provided by GPs. We cannot prescribe antibiotics for dental problems because of falls outside our expertise. If you require a referral to the hospital for dental problems, your dentist help you with this. 


For Dental Emergencies and Concerns

If you are experiencing a dental issue, we advise the following steps:

  1. Contact Your Dentist: For any dental concerns, including emergencies, your first point of contact should be your own dentist. They are equipped with the necessary expertise and equipment to address dental health issues.
  2. NHS 111 Dental Service: If you do not have a dentist, are unable to reach your dentist, or if it's outside regular dental office hours, you can call the NHS 111 dental service. They can provide advice, information on where you can access emergency dental care, and, if necessary, make arrangements for you to see a dentist.

Why GPs Do Not See Dental Patients

  •  Specialised Care: Dental health issues require specialised dental training that GPs do not have. Dentists are specifically trained to diagnose and treat dental and oral health conditions.
  •  Equipment: Dental treatments require specific dental equipment and facilities, which are not available in a GP practice.
  •  Best Care Practices: To ensure that you receive the best care for your dental needs, it is essential to see the right healthcare professional. Seeing a dentist for dental issues ensures you receive appropriate and specialized care.

How Can You Help

  •  Regular Dental Check-Ups: We encourage all our patients to have regular check-ups with their dentist. Preventive dental care is crucial for maintaining good oral health and can prevent emergencies.
  •  Dental Insurance: If you have dental insurance, make sure you understand what is covered and plan your dental visits accordingly.
  •  Community Dental Services: For those who may have difficulty accessing dental care, community dental services may offer an alternative. These services can provide care for people with special needs, children, and those who may not be able to visit a traditional dental practice.


While our GP practice is here to support your overall health, dental issues require the specialised care of a dentist. Should you have any dental concerns, please follow the above steps to ensure you receive the appropriate care.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.